A Place In the Choir

place_in_choirThe world is full of many voices. It is not always easy to find your own. When you do, you might feel that it is regularly lost in the din of the world. But this is not true.

You do have a voice and your contribution is essential to creating a world of genuine harmony. In this book of inspirational and heart-warming stories of teachers, students, parents and others, John Jacobson reassures us that there is a place for all in the beautiful choir that is humanity. Whether or not you have ever sung a note or danced a step, after reading this book, you will feel like doing both in recognition of your very own Place In The Choir.

Publisher: Hal Leonard
List Price: $22.95 /CAN $28.95

A Tree in Tappen Wood: A Musical Tale of Growing and Gratitude, Adventure and Peace

If trees could talk what stories they might tell! Oh, what learned lessons they could teach!

There is a tree that stands in Tappen Wood. Its branches stretch to the sky and look down to witness some of the pivotal moments in the history of America. It’s roots run deep into the soil that represents the very fabric of this country. If we listen carefully, perhaps this tree can speak to us on the wind or in a song. Perhaps it could reinforce our yearning for miracles, our penchant for dreaming and our hearts full of gratitude.

There’s a tree that grows in Tappen Wood. It reminds us from whence we come and helps us discover just who we really are.

Publisher: Hal Leonard
List Price: $14.95